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About This Fetish site!
About Myself
This page was conceived by George Rion. George always felt different from the other boys when he was in high school. He still felt different even accepting he was gay. He also found himself different from gay men also because he was attracted to feet. For many years he thought he was the strangest person in the world. But he found the internet in his college years where he found other men who love men's feet. He started to talk to guys and exchange pictures. After a couple of years he collected more than a 1000 pictures of men's feet.

In 1996, he wanted to give back something for all the help he received from the internet. With the help of his friends he created this web site. He dedicated himself to creating a wonderful place for all men feet lovers to go to. He was also very stubborn to keep this site free no matter what happens to him.

Well now we are in 2004 and George is no longer with us. We were friends for many many years. I helped him with websites and programming. He taught me about myself and my own foot fetish. George was a great person and when he couldn't continue with this website he told me to continue the page. I sat on it for more than a year. I coudn't think of a way to continue or make this site better until now. You will be seeing changes on this website this comming month and hope to have the new stuff working in 2005. I want this site to be as interactive as I can make it. The users of this site should be the ones who control the content and future progress. I will try to guide everyone to this new vision and hope it will do well. My name is Frank. Good to meet you and hope you'll enjoy everything about this site.

I need to thank everyone on the internet who have helped me and George accept and be comfortable with our own fetish. I want to thank George's friends and relatives who supported him though all his troubles. Without them George wouldn't have been so happy when he passed. My life is wonderful and I have some great foot buddies to fulfill my fantasies. George and I didn't put this site up as a big ad for ourselves to find foot action. I have met wonderful people off this website and had lot of fun.

Remember every single one of the guys who come to my page is very special in my heart. I want to please you and make you happy. I want you to learn about yourself and know that you ARE NOT ALONE with this foot fetish. Nothing is weird or strange about it. It's a wonderful gift you have so use it wisely.

RIP George Rion 1969 - 2004

About the Pictures
All the pictures on my site are contributed to me via irc, newsgroups, email, web sites or chatting on AOL. I don't own any of these pictures and I would gladly take a picture off my site if someone else owns it. This site is only a collection of images I have received on the internet or other friends. I do make some pictures but I am not an expert in this at all. Remember I have not or will ever force anyone to come to my page. Everyone comes to my pages and views these pictures by their own will. Some of these pictures are sexual in content but the ONLY nudity is on the X-Rated section which can be accessed through registering so no children will accidentaly see something they shouldn't see.